Field Report – Aftershock of the morning of May 13, 2015

Omprakash Gnawali, filing to

It was about 2:08am on Wednesday, when I was woken up by my brother with shouts “dai! dai!”. When I woke up, I realized it was an earthquake. The shaking seemed violent. I heard rumbling sounds, the sounds the buildings make when they and things inside them shake. I grabbed my phone and ran outside with my brother. It was dark and not everyone had gone outside but more and more people had woken up and they were looking out from their homes or tents. We walked on the alleyway for a few minutes.

Many of the residents of the tents had woken up, flickering lights inside their tents. Many people had come outside and were squatting-sitting on the side of the streets. People were talking to each other and the level of conversation was as if this was in the middle of the day. We also heard a lot of dogs barking, near and far. We stood outside for about half an hour and came inside. There is power cut but we are powering lights from inverter. We decided to keep the lights on when we sleep this time so it is easy to run outside. Most of the conversation has quieted but we are starting to hear roosters crowing (bhale basne).