Basantapur cleaning!

Anil Bhattarai, via facebook

We are cleaning the rubble at Basantapur Durbar Square tomorrow at 12:00 noon. If anyone wants to help then you are welcome. Required materials to be brought are gloves, masks(extra masks if possible for other volunteers and yourself), bucket(to carry the rubble if possible), food and water for yourself.
For more info you can contact us:
Me: 9849737009; 9813054297
Bhattarai Aashish-9841147737
Aayush Sharma- 9841785292
Aalisha Sharma
Go Rob Thapa-9843434300
Isu Shrestha– 9841558140
Sujata Gurung

Also, if you want to help rescue the people affected by the earthquake at Sindhupalchowk you can contact us or directly contact Mr. Sabin Dhoj Joshi : 9851198800
Let’s not cower behind the comfort of our homes. Your family is safe. Now is the time to devote yourself for saving the greater family that is our Nepalese brothers and sisters. Contribute at least an hour for our motherland.
Be there if you want to make a difference !!! Jai Nepal !!! smile emoticon