Informal Survey of Roadside Infrastructure around Kathmandu

This map is now complete and the data has been accepted by the Kathmandu Valley Development Authority. Our team thereby has finished performing systematic sweeps of key public infrastructure around Kathmandu. If you would like the data, for further processing, classification or interpretation, please contact us. It is freely available. Click here for our copyright policy. This project was coded by Anurodh Pokharel, pictures taken by Shyam Gnawali, and coordinated by Omprakash Gnawali and Atul Pokharel. Ajaya Budathoki, Ayush Pokharel and Victor Shnayder provided additional support.

Please note: this is not crowdsourced, and so if a location is not marked then it did not have visible damage at the time of the survey (April 27th-April 28th, 2015 NST). Continue reading Informal Survey of Roadside Infrastructure around Kathmandu

Nepal Earthquake 2015

Dear Readers,

On April 25, 2015 an earthquake of magnitude 7.8 (on the Richter Scale) occurred in Nepal. This site is to help collect, map and coordinate the many efforts that are ongoing in response.

There is a large group of us working in the background to update this site. As you can imagine our energies are spread thin with our families and friends in Nepal. You can contact us at (443) 475-0665 for any immediate media inquiries, or email if you would like to volunteer with our efforts at

Click here for a very usable list if you are considering donating (we do not maintain this list). Team