News from Jhapa, Dhankuta, Dolakha

People in Jhapa, and in Dhankuta are safe; no structural damages have been observed, according to sources who have been contacted.

Dolakha and Sindhupalchowk are in very bad conditions.

These individuals are actively involved in Dolakha.

  • Dr. Subash Neupane:  9841320067 (Singati Hospital) – “He is handling more than 20 VDCs of the northern part of Dolkha: he needs help”
  • Captain Sachin Khadka (Nepal Army): 9841359653
  •  Nirajan Khadka (Engineer, Upper Tamakoshi): 9851163703
  •  Nabin Koirala (Engineer, Upper Tamakoshi): 9851050177
  •  DSP Ajay K.C.: 9851024584


Free communication on T-Mobile, Skype, Viber, Sprint, ATT

Calls and text free between Nepal and US for T-mobile customers until May 16:

ATT is free also:


Skype is also free:


Googlevoice – now to 1 cent/minute

Free water supply

For free water supply, please call the following numbers:
निःशुल्क पानिको लागि तलको फोन नं.मा सम्पर्क गर्नुहोस्: