Constructing Shelters and the Rain

After the second earthquake today, we have some important messages. Please share:

Do not go, or let children go, near buildings which have cracks or have fallen down.

Do not construct shelters close to buildings which have been damaged. Avoid building shelters at the bottom of slopes, or at the top of cliffs, and try to stay away from areas that could be affected by flooding.

As the rainy season is coming try to make shelter as waterproof as possible. Dig drainage channels around your shelter, raise the floor, ensure tarpaulins are pulled tight to prevent puddles forming, make a slope on the roof so water can drain off.

Ensure the entrance to your shelter faces down-wind so wind and rain do no blow directly into your shelter.

Protect the tarpaulin covering your shelter from sharp edges, particularly on the frame. Use cardboard or other materials between the frame and the tarpaulin to prevent it from tearing.

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