Lesson to be learnt: Amazing work on sanitary toilets on ground level by Milan Rai


Milan Rai via facebook

Different televisions are creating a Drama out of this disaster. Shut down your TV. They are showing terrible things in terrible situations. It’s not kind at all. Come out and help the wounded ,Tell people how you truly feel to be alive . Don’t say I am hundred percent safe when your neighbors, friends are in grief. The nation is not safe. how can you be ?

World is pouring their support and we are failing to receive the kindness with grace and maturity. Angel volunteers came to help us from foreign countries but got stuck in the airport because our government did not permit them to go to the highly affected regions. This old fellows are poorly caught up in their egocentricity and their idiotic agenda for political advantage.
I spent two days in the hospital taking the wounded bodies for the treatment. I was not in the position of getting a helicopter and reach out to the difficult areas . So I thought of doing simple that are going unnoticed here Ishan a ( beautiful human being) that i have ever encounter, had the same concern so we went to survey the ground. It was unbelievable to see 4 toilets for thousand of people.

Next morning we went triple load on the bike we bought the tent from our pocket money, now we we dint had extra money to buy Bamboos. Ishaan said, I will leave my mobile here and get my phone back after we arrange the money But the seller did not accept the offer . My brother solved that problem by lending us the money. we loaded more than hundred bamboos in the truck and headed towards Tudikhel . we had only 2 gardening tools to dig the ground. we bought 3 extra shovels and began the work in our own limited resources . some girls joined our team saying , we have to do this because you are doing this for us.Slowly more friends and more people arrived in the ground armed with tools.

As we built few toilets the army Colonel pronounced (Kernel ) came to see our work and he wanted to have a word with me. He said I am very impressed , we want to collaborate with your team. If you provide us the material we can employ enough soldier and bulldozers to dig the ground efficiently and make the work faster. I said, if the people staying here get to use the toilet with dignity and safety. I don’t mind bringing more materials. I heard the inside information, that the fund had already been provided for the making of toilets but that was not utilized . It is our immense pleasure to donate our pocket money to the government .

After we completed the work some small political parties came and took some pictures later in the evening , They posted the pictures before we did and I saw their post on fb mentioning the credit to their party for initiating this toilet program.
Actually ,I felt good, that they took this opportunity to be kind, and to be good.
I saw them as a s tiny representation of our belief in humanity .I see the hidden greatness in their ability.

Everyone wants to do good, but they don’t know how.if they feel comfort in the cushion you designed , give them , it might teach them to become a cushion for others. They will learn slowly to take less and give more. It does not matter who takes the credit ?

It only takes energy, generosity, love and compassion to be unfailingly lighthearted, and we all are born with this amazing quality it is so natural.

After I posted this, my inbox is flooded with emails regarding funds, getting phone calls from BBC and many organizations including UN. A Non profir organization based in Haiti wants to co- work with us to build more toilets and sanitary progresses . I am looking at the prospect of this very interfering project . Taking this opportunity we We can build proper public toilets that we were lacking.

* I did not do anything, I just sat there taking picture overwhelmed by the team work and posing for a picture to share with you .
Sending energetic vibration to all the sentient beings.