Copyright Policy

What is your copyright policy?

This applies to images that we have taken as part of our survey of infrastructure. All images that are displayed on a domain other than should be accompanied by the following text:

“Image from Informal Survey of Roadside Infrastructure around Kathmandu,”


Why do we have a copyright policy?

We would love not to have it and simply provide this to the public domain instead. However, is a group of volunteers who have put significant effort into this work. In order to recoup costs, our work will need to be recognized as having been done by us. After all, surveying is not free, gas is not free, bandwidth is not free and labor is not free either. We have contributed whatever we could, including the labor and expertise part, but we will probably need to recover other monetary costs as they grow.  We also want the other parts of the website to also be recognized, and our copyright policy is written towards that end. If you have questions or comments, please email