Tagging of houses: red, blue and green-Great effort by a group of engineers

Apil KC with Bhushan Shrestha and 21 others in Sankhu, via facebook
Dear all, thank you for the encouragement and helping hands that you have spread for this post disaster relief time… We went to Sankhu today with experts from medical and engineering field including myself.. What we did was quite satisfactory for me.. We spread medical teams in 3 group.. where 2 were moving in every corner and 1 group were working at one location.. We gave medical counseling to more than 200 people out there including medicines, first aid and dry foods like biscuits, chiura and noodles. With engineering team , we did primary seismic analysis of building from external supervision and going inside wherever that was possible. We came up with the idea of tagging building with Red, Blue and Green cards where Red being Dangerous, Blue being Less dangerous and Green being safe. We also warned people with building Red code that they should avoid residing inside the building and also consoled other people with green building that they can go inside the building and have normal life. We may not have done the detailed analysis but we have done justice with the decision keeping safety factor and not scaring people.. We often got question where are you from.. I including my all friends are from nowhere.. we don’t belong to any organization .. we are individual with individual intention of helping people in need. we are group of many I’s .. I like me.. so I again request all the building engineers to go out and at least do inspection of your nearby building and make people aware of the situation.. Please share to all the engineers around here.. It’s not time to wait for any formal institution.. It’s you who has to work.. We need micro management.. We need many I’s..